Get Energized and Equipped to Write!

Unleashed Writing Workshop

Hilton - Unleashed Writing Workshop Location

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Unleashed Writing Workshop

Friday, May 02, 2014 at 06:00 PM · $1,195.00 USD · 1 rsvp


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The View from our Unleashed Writing Workshop

Unleashed Writing Workshop

Get Energized and Equipped to WRITE!


* What would it feel like to wake up bubbling with ideas or maybe just a single thought that holds the key to so much more?


* What would it be like to tap easily into your best creative flow instead of dreading writer’s block?


* What would it feel like to consistently experience writing sessions where time flies as the pages fill up with your best ideas?


As one who’s struggled with tight writing deadlines, dreading every minute, for fear of saying the wrong thing or saying it badly (and months later ending up with a best-seller) I well know the torment that comes from having an idea inside you that longs to be told and yet seems to be stuck - driving you crazy.

I’ve spent the past several years actively researching mind/body tools for writers, as well as the latest tech tools that make the writing process fly.

If you’re ready to live the unleashed writing life you’re always dreamed of, let me personally show you how to tap into your inner wisdom more clearly than ever before in a relaxed atmosphere where you can connect with other Unleashed Writers. You will:

* Learn how to get positively energized - physically and mentally - anytime and anywhere

* Find Your Writing Voice

* Discover and learn how to use practical, modern tools that will revolutionize your writing practice


Who is this workshop adventure for?

People who are:

* Aspiring Authors

* Entrepreneurs

* Creatives of All Kinds


If you’ve ever been stuck. 

If you’ve questioned your creative ability.

If you feel alone and unsupported.

If you feel the slightest nudge to find out more, contact me.


Don't spend another year wasting time at your computer keyboard.

Don’t put it off till next time, putting your dreams on the shelf yet again. 

Don’t miss out. Space is extremely limited. 


When: May 2, 2014 - May 4, 2014 

Where: St. Augustine, Florida


Hilton - Unleashed Writing Workshop Location


Note: St. Augustine is my adoptive home town. It’s a place that breathes history, adventure, triumph, and tragedy. It’s been home to Oceola and his tribe, Spanish settlers (and rumors of a Fountain of Youth), enough ghost stories to rival New Orleans, a dazzling bay front view, a vibrant arts community, live music on every corner, and the kind of atmosphere that begs a writer to let loose with her pen. 

This place excites with every creative bone in my body, and hopefully yours too.

Schedule of Events:


Friday Evening: Meet and greet, First Session, Free Time to explore gorgeous, historic St. Augustine, a creative writer's paradise!

Saturday Morning: Session Two

Lunch Break

Saturday Afternoon: Session Three

Supper Break

Saturday Night: BONUS Session or Free Time to explore/shop with me downtown!

Sunday Morning: Session Four

Lunch Break

Free Time


If you long to access your best creativity and are willing to do what it takes ~

This workshop will make your writing pure pleasure again! 

St. Augustine

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